Upturn Funds Caribbean and Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited Announce Partnership

BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS July 14, 2022.Upturn Funds Caribbean, a leading venture capital and advisory firm based in Barbados, with headquarters in New York City, announced the Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited as a key partner at the recently held press launch of its upcoming Caribbean Investment Summit 2022 to be held at the Hilton Barbados Resort August 25 -27.

Speaking on the partnership, Chief Communications Officer and Head of Stakeholder Engagement for the firm, Jennifer Highland noted, “We were particularly pleased to learn of the Republic Banks’ development initiatives and socio-economic goals which dovetail with Upturn Funds’ vision of realizing economic prosperity and the upliftment of the lower economic class. Importantly for our firm, is to partner with other organizations that seek to solve many societal problems with solutions that benefit people from all socio-economic standings, and we are delighted to have Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited on board in helping us to bring this very important event to all stakeholders.”

The three-day summit is about presenting projects currently in existence or about to exist, in the areas of mineral mining, manufacturing, green energy, agriculture, crypto-mining, infrastructure development and real estate that can trigger economic development cycles into the region whilst meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In his contribution at the press launch of the summit, Co-Chairman and Founder of UFC, Raphael D’angelis highlighted two key joint venture initiatives being presented at the Summit. In the Dominican Republic’s case study of a $200 million trash to diesel investment, the adoption of this model, he explained, is expected to significantly contribute to solving the plastic crisis in the Caribbean while contributing to the ‘UN Development Goal of Affordable and Clean Energy’ and bringing jobs and investments to the region.

D’Angeils also revealed U.S. First Mortgage’s Costa Rica $1billion retirement home project for American retirees. UFC and U.S. Mortgage Finance have partnered to create a similar model under the Landman Finance brand that will facilitate this process for the Caribbean Diaspora and Americans in the United States desirous of buying second homes in the region. D’Angelis explained that these and other partner projects being presented at the Summit will trigger economic development within the adopted nation.

“The philosophy of the company is that we must work for the economic dignity and the economic development of the nation. We believe that we should structure models in which money stays in the country as much as possible” stated Ambassador Thomas, Co-Chairman, and CEO of UFC.

Managing Director & CEO of Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited, Mr. Anthony Clerk on the partnership stated, “Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited is honoured to partner with Upturn Funds Caribbean as it seeks to ensure the sustainable development of our region. Like Upturn Funds Caribbean, we are committed to meeting the UN’s sustainable development goals. We have committed considerable funding to Renewable Energy projects that help us transition from a reliance on fossil fuels, regional Agriculture projects that ensure greater food security, and social development projects that help to build sustainable cities and communities. As signatories to the Principles of Responsible Banking, we are keen to collaborate with regional and international partners to create financial solutions and investment opportunities that will solve the environmental and socio-economic issues facing our region.”

About Upturn Funds Caribbean
Upturn Funds Caribbean believes that the importance of the role of business lies in sustainable development that creates a better society for all that are involved. It is with this solid belief system that we focus our energy on creating and teaming up with other organizations that seek to solve many societal problems with solutions that benefit people from all socioeconomic standings.

Upturn Funds Caribbean focus is on driving initiatives that use the scale of our network, our products, our financial resources, and the collective expertise and commitment of our employees, to reach those traditionally underserved, providing them with access to resources that can help improve their economic livelihoods, businesses, and communities. Upturn Funds Caribbean is committed to generating wealth to all of our investors through social responsibility ventures that benefit both the investor and the community at large.

July 19, 2022
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