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With the new Republic Bank OneCard Visa Debit, your transactions are now safer and more secure with Chip and PIN technology. You now also have the convenience of making contactless transactions, so the card never leaves your possession!
The Republic Bank OneCard Visa Debit provides an additional layer of security for your transactions with the inclusion of chip and PIN technology and allows you to:
  • conduct contactless transactions at any Point of Sale terminal or ATM enabled with contactless technology
  • conduct online transactions
  • withdraw cash at an ATM
  • pay for goods and services at any Point of Sale terminal

It’s quick and convenient as customers can pay securely without thinking about change, easy to use and gives you guaranteed security that cash can’t provide.

Withdrawals at Other Bank ATMs $3.00
Balance Inquiries at Other Bank ATMs $1.25
Point of Sales Purchases (POS) No Fee

Should your card be captured at an ATM, misplaced, lost or stolen, please contact the Customer Care Department at 227-2700.

Chip and PIN technology

This provides an additional layer of security for your card. At Point of Sale terminals which accept chip cards, you will be required to insert your card into the terminal, chip first, before proceeding with your transaction.

Contactless transactions

You now have the ability to conduct contactless transactions with your card. For transactions BDs$100.00 you can simply tap your card within one inch of the device and follow the instructions on the screen.

Look for this logo to determine if contactless transactions are accepted. contactless-transaction-symbol

You can also:
  • Withdraw funds at any ATM carrying the Visa/MasterCard logo up to a total of $2,000/day
  • Perform Point-of-Sale (POS) purchases up to a total of $2,500/day
  • Perform balance enquiries

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Tips to protect yourself at the Point of Sale

  • Double check that the purchase amount is correctly entered by the store clerk/cashier before authorising any transaction with your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • Keep your PIN confidential by standing directly in front of the PIN pad when keying in your PIN.
  • Always retain your card and receipt when you complete your transaction.
  • Keep your receipts as a record of your transactions.


This is a card enabled with Contactless and Chip & PIN technology which offers greater security for card holders. It also offers additional benefits than the existing debit cards.

All Republic Bank deposit account holders are eligible once their accounts are in good standing.

No. your withdrawals will be directed to the available balance in your deposit account.

The new Republic Bank OneCard Visa Debit card is currently free. You will only be charged for a replacement card if lost or damaged.


Your card will be automatically activated upon completion of a successful PIN transaction at any Point of Sale (POS) terminal or Automatic Teller Machine (ATM). A contactless transaction will not activate the card.



PIN changes can be done at any one of our Republic Bank branches. We recommend you change your PIN to something that can be easily remembered, but is not so easy that fraudsters can guess, e.g. date of birth, address #, phone #, license plate #, etc.

If you can’t remember your existing PIN, simply visit any one of our branches and complete a PIN request form, which must be accompanied with a valid form of identification.



Yes, but currency exchange controls and Foreign Exchange Fees may be applicable. It is also subject to any restrictions imposed by the Central Bank of Barbados.

No. There is currently no annual fee for this card.

Daily limits will exist as is currently the case for security purposes.

All accounts can be linked to the Republic Bank OneCard Visa Debit card however your primary account will be the main account from which funds will be debited for transactions at the Point of Sale or other bank’s ATMs. If Republic Bank Blue Machines are used any account can be selected once linked to the card.

Yes. The accounts linked to your exiting card will be automatically transferred to the Republic Bank OneCard Visa Debit card.



Where transactions are disputed by the Cardholder with the Bank, the transactions must be disputed in writing by the respective Cardholder. Any and all disputes between a Cardholder and a Merchant in respect of any Debit Card Transactions shall be resolved by and between the Cardholder and the Merchant. In case of such disputes, the Bank shall remain fully indemnified by the Cardholder in respect of any and all claims arising therefrom, whether by the Merchant or any other third party.

Should you discover that an unauthorised withdrawal/payment has been debited from your account, please take the following corrective actions:

  1. Identify the fraudulent transactions on your account.
  2. Contact our Customer Care Centre at 227-2700 to have your card stopped. Your card will no longer be functional once this step is completed.
  3. Visit the nearest Republic Bank branch with your card and complete the dispute form (supplied by the branch).
  4. Collect your new card from the branch.
  5. Make a report to the police / fraud squad. You must bring in the original citizen report receipt that you will receive from the Police / fraud squad for us to copy.
  6. The documents will be forwarded to the Bank's Corporate Security Department for investigation and a Bank investigator will contact you.

To protect yourself from card skimming, please see our list of helpful tips here.

Our Terms & Conditions can be downloaded here.
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