St. Gabriel’s students learn financial lessons from Bahamas donation effort


A little pocket money can go a long way!

That’s just one of the lessons learnt by the students of St. Gabriel’s Primary School who recently made a donation towards The Bahamas hurricane Dorian relief effort, with assistance from Republic Bank.

The donation was made possible after the students spent two weeks collecting pocket money for the worthy cause by placing their dollar notes and coins into a specially decorated jar. The effort culminated on Tuesday this week, when a group of exuberant St. Gabriel’s student ambassadors visited Republic Bank’s Wildey Branch to deposit close to $1500 to the fund.

Manager, Adam Waterman hosted the eager group of students and Principal Angela Blackett to the Wildey Branch, where they were welcomed by Republic Bank Manager, Marketing & Corporate Communications, Sophia Allsopp Cambridge, and guided through the deposit process by Teller Supervisor, Donna Drakes. In addition to successfully making the deposit, the students learnt valuable lessons including why people need commercial banks, how counting machines work, and how commercial banks process deposits.

Principal Blackett said the proposal to make a small personal sacrifice to help the Bahamian people, had come from the students themselves, and she thanked Republic Bank for both facilitating the deposit, and for making the students’ trip to Republic Bank a valuable educational experience.

Allsopp Cambridge said Republic Bank was pleased to be able to assist the students and to make their experience at the Bank both inspirational and educational. She encouraged others to follow the St. Gabriel’s example by contributing to Republic Bank account no. 028334932001, opened to facilitate donations towards the relief effort, following the devastation of hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.

November 6, 2019
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