Republic Bank & Surfside Support Weight Loss Winners

The biggest losers are the biggest winners in the recently concluded COVID Curves Weight Loss Competition organized by Surfside Wellness Centre in partnership with Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited.

Three women - Hayley Belle, Cherie-Ann Forde and Gloria Jackman took the first, second and third prize respectively. They lost a combined total of 36 pounds over the course of the six-week challenge that ran from July 20th - August 30th. The $1000 prize for the Most Consistent individual went to Sherice Haynes. Fourteen of the participants were also chosen as Coaches’ MVPs for their hard work and dedication throughout the challenge.

Programme Director - Corporate at Surfside Wellness Centre, Georgina Niagaga explained, “During the restricted movement period, many people went home and they were not exercising and they were eating more. With all the adversities that COVID brought with it, there was an increase in stress levels and anxiety levels and unfortunately activity levels went down. As a result, people gained weight. So the challenge was inspired as a way to get people to move again and to lose the weight that they gained during the restricted movement period.”

Belle, who won $1000 and one month free Surfside Membership, said she entered the competition primarily to support a friend.

“Then, I just went for it,” she said, adding that she would continue to train with her coach following the competition.

Forde, who won $750 and one month free Surfside Membership, explained that she was already in the gym. “I wanted something to keep me going and something that was maybe a little fun, a little challenge, so I decided to join. I didn’t think I would place. This is the first competition that I have entered. I am proud of my results and feel ready to go and continue to keep it up,” she said.

Meanwhile, Jackman, who walked away with $500 and one month free Surfside Membership, said the challenge was the perfect ‘launch pad” for her weight loss goals and she was proud of her accomplishments so far.

RBBL Manager, Marketing and Corporate Communications Sophia Allsopp Cambridge congratulated all of the participants.

“Among the many lessons being learned from this COVID-19 experience is the importance of maintaining good health. With the prevalence of non-communicable chronic diseases in the island, and the increased risks posed by COVID-19 to individuals living with such conditions, this was a wake up call to all of us to take better care of ourselves. Through the Bank’s PMAD initiative we have partnered with several health-based organizations such as the Diabetes Association of Barbados. We have seen how maintaining a healthy diet and exercise can save lives, boost productivity and empower people to make better decisions in other areas of their lives. So it was an easy yes for us when Surfside presented us with yet another brilliant opportunity to inspire people to strive towards a healthier lifestyle,” she explained.

Niagaga thanked Republic Bank for its continued support of their initiatives.

“Republic Bank has supported Surfside in the past. They were sponsors of the Barbados Adventure Race Corporate Challenge which is coordinated by George Griffith, the Managing Director and owner of Surfside Wellness Centre, so there is an existing relationship with Republic Bank. So when we had this idea to do the challenge, it was a no brainer to contact Republic Bank because they have supported other initiatives and we know they are a supporter of health and wellness, as soon as we asked they said yes,” she explained.

The challenge drew 65 participants who had the option of working out at home using Surfside’s online platform with access to live or on-demand exercise classes, booked workouts at the club, physically distanced club classes or a combination of all three. There were 14 coaches, each one assigned to a group of 4 or 5 people. Coaches were a source of information as well as support, accountability and motivation.

September 25, 2020
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