Republic Bank Launches School Programme to fund Education Initiatives


With the start of the new school term, Republic Bank is expecting to bring even more schools on board its successful Schools Block Programme.

The programme, conceptualized by RBBB’s General Manager, Retail Banking, Sharon Zephirin, was launched back in May this year. It was designed to foster partnerships between the Bank and public and private primary and secondary schools across the island. Invitation letters were disseminated to principals, the presidents of Parent - Teacher Associations as well as presidents of old scholars associations, encouraging them to participate in the programme and explain the needs of their school community.

Zephirin explained, “I have always believed two things, the first is that a good financial partner is one who cares, especially about the future of the people it serves. The second is that education is the foundation to success. I was inspired to bring those two driving forces together in a programme that could assist our young ones from now into the foreseeable future.”

The Bank wasted no time in attending to many of the requests that came flooding in. Sponsored programmes and initiatives included: the introduction of a breakfast programme for vulnerable students at Princess Margaret Secondary School as well as the provision of hampers for displaced students and their families due to Hurricane Elsa; the development of numeracy and reading enrichment programmes at Daryll Jordan Secondary School; upgrades to several school compounds; the purchase of tablets for students as well as other equipment for use by school officials; and the provision of graduation gifts for students at several primary and secondary schools.

The General Manager added, “This programme has the potential to ease the fiscal and resourcing burdens of many of our schools in need while giving teachers, parents and all other principal stakeholders the room to facilitate a richer education to students. Through assisting with such things as funding upgrades to physical plants, helping to provide equipment for educational support activities and even provision of COVID 19 necessities, the potential for this programme to improve our nation's greatest resource, our people, is beyond measure.”

Zephirin said the Bank will continue to offer assistance according to the needs identified by the schools and the project proposals submitted by the branches. Relationships will be managed through the Bank’s branches within each one of the seven geographical zones that have been identified. The branches and their zones are as follows:
1. Speightstown Branch - (Northern and Eastern zones) Schools in St. Lucy, St. Peter, St. Andrew, and St. Joseph.
2. Limegrove Branch - (Western zone) Schools in St. James, St. Michael, and St. Thomas.
3. Broad Street Branch - (Central zone) Schools in St. Michael.
4. Warrens Branch - Schools in St. Michael, St. Thomas, and St. George.
5. Wildey Branch - Schools in St. Michael, Christ Church, and St. George.
6. Worthing Branch - Schools in Christ Church, and St. Michael.
7. Six Roads Branch - Schools in St. Philip, St. John, and St. Joseph.

With more schools expected to come on board soon, Zephirin said, “We will continue to stand by our conviction that we can and we must make a difference in the communities we serve. We are proud of what has been accomplished thus far and we are excited to see how else we can make a positive impact in the lives of students, teachers, parents and alumni across the island.”

November 5, 2021
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