Republic Bank Grand Kadooment 2016 to be the biggest in recent memory

Barbados, July 1st, 2016 – Republic Bank’s Sponsorship has succeeded in injecting new life into Grand Kadooment from inception, and the 2016 Crop Over finale will be the biggest in recent memory, even attracting bands from Guadeloupe.

This positive growth trend was confirmed by Adisa Andwele, the National Cultural Foundation’s (NCF) Coordinator Grand Kadooment, speaking at Republic Bank’s Broad Street Branch during the Press launch of Republic Bank Grand Kadooment.

He was addressing an audience of band leaders, masqueraders, executives and customers who received a taste of the festive atmosphere in store for revellers this year, as the Bank’s own soca artiste Flexi performed his latest hit Bone Bird much to the enjoyment of onlookers.

Andwele said after attracting an additional 2,400 masqueraders in 2015, the 30 bands expected to parade before the judges at the National Stadium this year, would the largest number of bands to participate in a Grand Kadooment during his tenure as Coordinator. judging at the National Stadium.

“This year will be the biggest Grand Kadooment in a number of years. We have 27 bands registered, and then we have the Republic Bank 200 strong band; and two bands are coming from Guadeloupe to play mas this year. So we have 30 bands parading from at the national stadium, and from the stadium down to Spring Garden. Years ago we may have had more, but for the past eight years we have never had 30 bands registering or participating in Grand Kadooment.”

In expressing his appreciation to Republic Bank for its role in the resurgence of Grand Kadooment, Andwele said the festival was important to Barbados both from a cultural and economic point of view, adding he was hopeful of further growth throughout the years ahead in association with Republic Bank.

Sean Hussain, General Manager, Corporate and Commercial Credit said Republic Bank’s sponsorship of Grand Kadooment was an extension of a 20-year commitment to the Crop Over Festival that included supporting a masquerade band, folk concert and the opening gala.

“As sponsor of the Republic Bank Grand Kadooment, last year we assisted the National Cultural Foundation with injecting new life into the apogee of this much anticipated and important aspect of our social calendar. This commitment also ensured that as a socially responsible corporate citizen we not only ensure its continuation but that we breathe new life into the art of costume making as an integral component of this festival.”

July 8, 2016
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