Republic Bank Going Green Launch 2017


Republic Bank celebrated a marriage of corporate social responsibility, and environmental awareness as it officially launched its Going Green initiative with an insightful and dramatic presentation at the Broad Street Branch.

The foyer of the Broad Street Branch was transformed into a combination of stage show and platform, as Chairman of the Going Green Committee Michelle Pounder and a cast of talented staff members demonstrated how “Going Green” would further advance the Bank’s health and safety agenda. The presentation also emphasized Republic Bank’s commitment to changing the waste management practices of future generations.

Setting the tone for the event were staff members, Simon Isaccs, Larry Brathwaite, Sadrian Maynard and Ryan Rogers – who acted out (sound effects and a talking garbage bin included) the often frenetic, sometimes piecemeal approach to solid waste management in many private homes. By the end of the lively and entertaining skit, the cast had “Gone Green”, understanding that the separation of garbage for recycling and the investment in the necessary receptacles and spinoff practices like composting were the way of the future and Republic Bank was leading the corporate charge.

In her official remarks as Chair of the Health and Safety Committee, Michelle Pounder, Republic Bank’s Senior Manager, Administration & Operations, plotted the growth of the initiative from its inception to the Bank’s partnership with the Labour Department and the Solid Waste Management Unit. Among the Initiatives’ recent achievements, she also highlighted the adoption of the Good Shepherd Primary School where Republic Bank is providing bins for garbage separation and recycling, an ongoing series of beach clean-ups and most importantly, the sincere buy-in from Republic Bank staff at every level.

“As a Health and Safety Committee we are excited about Republic Bank’s continued involvement in the Safety and Health Self-Management System Programme and we will be extending our outreach to both internal and external communities through sustainable safety and health at work projects. At Good Shepherd, our intention is to engage the students in stimulating and educational activities such as workshops and quizzes, giving them the chance to interact directly with our staff, sharing experiences and leading by example,” said Pounder.

Having already established a tradition of excellence recognized with silver and gold awards in assessments by the Labour Department, Pounder noted that the Going Green Committee has its eyes fixed on winning a Platinum Award as the Bank’s ultimate prize.

January 19, 2017
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