Republic Bank Donates Equipment To All Saint’s Primary

Staff and students at the All Saint’s Primary School are the happy recipients of much needed teaching aids and equipment thanks to Republic Bank.

The Bank recently donated two flat screen, Samsung television sets and a laminating machine to the school. The donation was made possible thanks to a parent - Lana Husbands, who is also a Human Resources Officer with the Bank.

“My daughter started school here in September and when I spoke to her teacher, I was asking if there was anything the school needed assistance with. The teacher indicated that they needed some televisions so that they would be able to do slide shows and clips for the children to help with their development at this stage,” she explained, adding that the laminating machine will be used to prepare learning materials and other documentation for the children.

The proposal was accepted by the Bank, which has assisted the school before through its corporate social responsibility initiative, the Power to Make A Difference (PMAD).

Principal Keith Headley said the school is pleased to have a strong corporate partner in Republic Bank.

“We need that corporate support in the school environment, especially now that the financials in the country are so scarce, so your donation is timely and very, very appropriate. Thanks to Lana who was the person behind it. All Saints Primary will be better for it because we really need the technology to assist these children in the learning process,” he said.

He added, “This COVID environment is a challenge for us because we can’t have all the children in the classroom on a face-to-face basis daily. Therefore, we have to find alternative means to ensure that no child is left behind. All children need to be on board and we don’t want to have anyone disadvantaged. This donation will come in very handy because teachers will be able to use the technology to ensure that all children are still able to grow and develop in this environment.”

Principal Headley said teachers will be able to download a range of educational content from the internet and relay it through the television sets, allowing for engaging sessions that will broaden students’ educational experience.

Noting that the parent/teacher relationship is essential to the learning process, he praised the fact that it was a parent who stepped forward to make the donation happen and invited others to continue to work with the school.

Republic Bank’s Manager, Marketing & Corporate Communications, Sophia Allsopp Cambridge, praised the school for its continued excellence throughout the years and said the Bank is delighted to continue to provide support wherever possible.

“We love to make sure that children are looked after and that schools in Barbados have what they need. That’s why I want to thank Mrs Husbands for drawing this to our attention. It was not a difficult choice to make,” she said.

December 14, 2020
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