Increased Benefits With Republic Bank’s New Visa Debit Card

Republic Bank customers will soon be able to tap to pay and use their savings accounts to shop online with the launch of the new Republic Bank OneCard Visa Debit.

With the pending departure of the CarIFS network, the Bank has partnered with VISA to offer the new card which will give customers safe and easy access to regional and international vendors. The new card will also provide enhanced security through Contactless (tap) and Chip and PIN technology, which means you won’t have to swipe or hand over your card to vendors in order to pay - as long as vendors are equipped with the service.

Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications Sophia Allsopp Cambridge said, “At Republic Bank, we have been relentlessly focused on offering new products and digital banking solutions that connect our customers with both regional and international networks. With the pending dissolution of the CarIFS network and the increasing need for digital banking solutions to facilitate e-commerce, we wanted to offer our customers greater convenience and a safe, cost-effective means of accessing international markets. The Visa network is unparalleled and is the perfect solution. We look forward to launching our Visa Debit card and empowering our customers with the ability to do more with their savings. This new product will allow you to access your savings accounts at all ABMs and Point-of-Sale systems across the island and anywhere Visa is accepted globally, even for online payments.”

Referencing the new contactless payment feature, Ms. Allsopp Cambridge explained, “This has proven to be safe and highly secure. Contactless cards and devices are embedded with multiple layers of security to protect customers against fraud and touchless transactions are also critical in this current COVID-19 environment to ensure the health and safety of our customers and the general public.”

The Bank believes the card will eventually replace the need for cash and cheques. It is also expected to offer greater convenience to consumers who may not currently qualify for credit cards. The Republic Bank OneCard Visa Debit will offer a new level of financial empowerment for customers.

September 25, 2020
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