Contactless Card Information

Contactless means that you can pay for goods and services without having to insert your card or personal identification number (PIN) at a merchant whose point-of-sale terminal can accept contactless cards.

You would know if your card is contactless, as you would see the contactless symbol on your card.

The contactless symbol looks like this: Contactless

You would know if a merchant accepts contactless cards, as you would see the contactless symbol on the terminal.

The contactless symbol looks like this: Contactless

You can also ask the cashier if the terminal accepts contactless cards.

To use a contactless card, you simply place or tap your contactless card approximately 2 inches from the merchant’s terminal screen, and your transaction would be processed.

Contactless transactions are safe and secure as they use the same technology that is used for Chip and PIN transactions.

Currently the daily limit for contactless transactions is BBD$100. This means that you can either do one single transaction for BBD$100, or multiple smaller transactions that add up to BBD$100 in one day.

If your contactless card is lost or stolen, you should immediately contact our Customer Care Centre at 227-2700 or any Branch of Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited as soon as possible or no later than 14 business days.

Contactless cards are easy, fast, convenient and safe to use. Contactless cards offer a faster payment and check out experience.

Yes, you can track your contactless transactions by using our RepublicAlerts feature on our website or via your RepublicOnline credit card statement.
Simply log on to RepublicOnline and sign up today to receive your transaction alerts.

No, you can also use the Chip and PIN method to process transactions.

Please be reminded there is a day limit of BBD100 for contactless transactions, once the limit is reached, you would be required to use the Chip and PIN method, by inserting your card in the merchant’s terminal.

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