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Meet our Group Vice President, Republic Financial Holdings Limited

        Richard S. Sammy
        Group  Vice  President,  Republic  Financial
        Holdings Limited
        Vice President, Republic Bank Limited
        BSc. (Hons.) (Mgmt. Studies), MBA                                                                              WELCOME

                 ichard  S.  Sammy,  Group  Vice  Pres-
                 ident, Republic Financial Holdings
                 Limited and Vice President, Republic
        RBank Limited, is a distinguished bank-
        er  with  significant  expertise  in  Risk  Manage-
        ment,  Investment  Banking,  Corporate  Banking
        and overall banking operations.

        A member of the Republic Group for more than a
        decade, he has served in numerous senior leader-
        ship positions, including, General Manager, Cor-
        porate and Investment Banking, Republic Bank
        Limited; Managing Director, Republic Bank
        (Guyana) Limited; Regional Manager, Corporate
        Business Centre–South and Regional Manager,
        Investment Banking Division, Republic Bank

        Mr. Sammy currently serves as a Director of The
        Heroes Foundation and is a former Chairman of
        the Guyana Association of Bankers Inc. (GABI),
        a former Director of the Caribbean Association
        of Bankers Inc. (CAB), and a former founding
        Director of the Guyana American Chamber of
        Commerce (AMCHAM).
        Mr. Sammy holds a BSc. (Hons.) in Manage-
        ment Studies from the University of the West
        Indies, St. Augustine (Trinidad & Tobago), an
        MBA from  Warwick Business School (Unit-
        ed Kingdom) and is a graduate of the Wharton
        School Advanced Management Program (United
        Mr. Sammy is the Chairman of Republic Bank
        (BVI) Limited, Republic Bank (Cayman) Lim-
        ited, Republic Insurance Company (Cayman)
        Limited, Republic Investments Limited, Re-
        public Wealth Management Limited and serves
        as Director on the Boards of Cayman National
        Corporation Limited, Cayman National Bank
        Limited and Republic Life Insurance Company

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