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                                                          The best is yet to come

                                                                By Mr Preston George    could have ever imagined.
                                                            General Manager, Group Human   If there was a single word to
                                                                                        sum up this past year and en-
                                                                   s we approach the end  capsulate, in a deeper sense, the
                                                                   of the calendar year,  shared experience of billions of
                                                                   we should all feel  people, that word would be  re-
                                                          Aan immense sense of  silience. Our spirit of Resilience
                                                          pride and accomplishment that  has allowed us to not just bounce
                                                          we were able to weather the  back... but to bounce forward as
                                                          storms whilst forming meaning-  an organization and as a people.
                                                          ful connections. In many ways,  Our Resilience has taught us that
                                                          2022 felt like a return to normal  although tough times never last
                                                          and as the year progressed we  tough people do…and we have
                                                          were able to increasingly gather  proven that collectively we are
                                                            together safely as a Republic  as tough as they come.
                                                            Bank family to celebrate each
                                                             other.                     On behalf of the Executive
                                                                                        Management Team of the RFHL
                                                               2022 has taught us that  Group, I thank you for your un-
                                                                 strength can only truly  relenting commitment and sup-
                                                                 be  found in the com-  port. Resilience is what got us
                                                                munities  we  surround  through this past year, and it will
                                                                 ourselves with. It has  continue to be our driving force
                                                                  taught us that our lives  into 2023.
                                                                   are intricately inter-
                                                                   twined, and the cord   I wish you all the very best for
                                                                    that binds us is much   the New Year.
                                                                    stronger than we
                                                                                        Be well and stay safe.

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