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Meet our Group Vice President, Republic Financial Holdings Limited

                                                                         Karen Yip Chuck
                                                                         Group Vice President, Republic Financial
                                                                         Holdings Limited; Vice President Republic
                                                                         Bank Limited
                                                                         Dip. (Business Admin.), ACIB, BSc (Hons.)
                                                                         (Econ.), MBA, CIA
                                                                                  aren Yip Chuck, Group Vice President,
                                                                                  Republic Financial Holdings Limit-
                                                                                  ed and Vice President, Republic Bank
                                                                        KLimited is a career banking professional
                                                                         with many years of senior management experience
                                                                         with the Republic Group.

                                                                         Ms. Yip Chuck has been a member of the Republic
                                                                         Bank Executive Management team since 2007, and
                                                                         has served as General Manager, Commercial and
                                                                         Retail Banking; General Manager, Corporate and
                                                                         Investment Banking; General Manager,  Wealth
                                                                         Management; and General Manager, Internal Au-
                                                                         Ms. Yip Chuck holds a BSc. (Hons) Economics
                                                                         from the University of the West Indies (UWI), and
                                                                         a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administra-
                                                                         tion and an MBA from Heriot Watt University, Ed-

                                                                         A Certified Internal Auditor, she is an Associate of
                                                                         the Chartered Institute of Bankers UK and a grad-
     WELCOME                                                               Management Program (AMP186).
                                                                          uate of the Harvard Business School Advanced

                                                                            Ms. Yip Chuck is the Chairperson of the Boards
                                                                            of Republic Bank (EC) Limited, Republic
                                                                         Bank (Anguilla) Limited, and Republic Bank (St.
                                                                         Maarten) N.V. She is a Director for Republic Bank
                                                                         (Barbados) Limited and Republic Bank (Grenada)

                                                                         She currently serves as Director and Vice President
                                                                         of the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry
                                                                         and Commerce; and as Director and Treasurer of
                                                                         the International Women’s Forum of Trinidad and

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