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Back to School

                              Supplies Campaign 2022

                              “Every child should have the opportunity to re-  an eco-friendly environment it must be high-
                              ceive a quality education” – Bill Frist     lighted that the lunch bags distributed were once
                                                                          water bottles which have now been recycled and
                                      epublic Bank Limited Power to make  reproduced into lunch bags; advocating our posi-
                                      a        Difference and the Bank’s align-  tion for responsible  consumption and production
                                      ment to the Principles of Responsible  (SDG#12).
                              RBanking, Sustainable Development
                              Goals (SDG#2 Quality Education)  were truly  Staff came out in true RBL spirit and began dis-
                              embodied when our Business Support Services  tribution of lunch bags (including food contain-
                              Unit  embarked on  a  Back to School Supplies  ers and water bottles) and stationery (including
                              Campaign 2022 to assist children in their journey  pencil cases, notebooks, pens and pencils) to var-
     CORE VALUES              for the new school term.                    ious families and orphanages. The children were

                                                                          incredibly grateful and all smiles receiving their
                              Staff  at  the  Shared  Services  Division  began  essential back to school supplies.
                              working assiduously in identifying homes and
                              families in need of assistance. Additionally, RBL  Recognizing our children are our future genera-
                              teamed up with the W.I.S.H (Women in Science  tion and that each child needs an equal opportu-
                              for Hope) Foundation, an NGO who works with  nity to have the right tools required to succeed,
                              various orphanages throughout the country such  this campaign was conceptualized as one “small
                              as Christ Child Convalescent home in Diego  step” intended to assist these children with a bet-
                              Martin, Swaha Vishok Bhavan home in Penal, Is-  ter path for overall educational success. It is an
                              lamic Home for Children in Gasparillo and Am-  opportunity for them to begin the new school
                              ica House in Curepe which aims to inspire and  term with simple basic necessities essential for
                              empower children through science and technol-  their day-to-day functions.
                                                                          Therefore, in light of the challenges faced by the
                              From this humanitarian campaign the Bank was  world today, Republic Bank Limited still offers
                              able to aid Two Hundred and Fifty (250) under-  hope by making a difference in the lives of chil-
                              privileged  students ranging from  kindergarten  dren, parents and our communities’ one step at a
                              to secondary school ages.  Coupled with the  time.
                              Bank’s firm stance on recycling and promoting

                              8                                                                                                             • Quest 40 July/Dec 2022 •
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