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Rio Claro Branch Makes a Difference!
                              Through the Power to Make a Difference Programme, team Rio Claro successfully executed 2 com-
                              munity based projects.



                              for leaders of


     CORE VALUES             Tcoordinating a school book drive for
                                     eam Rio Claro partnered with book
                                     stores and schools across the commu-
                                     nity to assist disadvantage families by

                              the new school term. The schools’ principals as
                              well as the children were incalculably overjoyed
                              and emotional to have received this support from
                              Team Rio.
                              We truly believe that we have the power to make
                              a positive difference in the lives of the people we
                              serve and this is because we serve with heart; it
                              is because WE CARE.

                              10                                                                                                             • Quest 40 July/Dec 2022 •
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