Finance Leases

Leasing is an alternative to traditional loans that is used for financing high-value operating assets and transportation equipment.

Leasing is done in two primary forms; Operating Leases and Finance Leases. An Operating Lease is one under which the Lessor takes responsibility for the maintenance and up-keep of the asset. Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited (RBBB) offers the Finance Lease where the Lessee (the Company) takes responsibility for the maintenance and up-keep of the asset with lease payments being in the form of a rent.

  • Improvement in your Cash Flow as there are no down payment requirements
  • Keeping your credit lines open and saving working capital for trading and operating activities
  • Lowering  your Administration Cost as there are no costly legal fees for Mortgage Bills of Sale
  • Protection of investment value with the facility of being able to acquire the asset at the end of the lease period
Asset Ownership The asset is purchased outright by the Lessor (RBBB) and leased to the Lessee (the Borrower) over a fixed tenor.  The Lessor owns the asset.
Down Payment

Normally no down payment is required.

Residual* 5% - 15%             
Tenor   5-10 years depending on the asset.
Repayment Fixed payments over the tenor.
Maturity The Lessee has the option to purchase the asset at a residual price or   enter into a secondary lease for a further period.
Documentation Lease Agreement

What you will need
Before visiting our branches, ensure you have the following:
Two (2) form of Identification
Proof of Address

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