Commercial Business Packages

We're the One for You… with Financial Packages to suit your needs.

Suite of Products & Services for Your Business

  • Current Account – Your operating account to channel all transactions related to your business including CarIFS/VISA Point of Sale transactions.
  • Term Loans – Usually granted to purchase fixed assets, machinery and equipment, repayable over an agreed term with fixed monthly instalments.
  • Commercial Mortgages – A long term loan (maximum 15 years) to assist with the purchase of property (land or land & building) and the construction or renovation of a building to be used by the business.
  • Commercial Overdrafts – To assist with managing the daily operation of your business, and Working Capital financing. Some other solution are; Bills Discounted, Letters-of-Credit and, Bankers Acceptance.
  • Business Credit Cards (international) – A line of credit to assist with daily operating expenses incurred by the business. Giving you the option of Republic Bank value added points or American Airlines miles.
  • Electronic Banking Services – FREE Direct Link service, Account Master – Online Banking, Electronic Payment Merchant Service, Point-of-Sale terminals.
  • Night Safe Deposit – Allows you to safely deposit your cash at any time.
  • ACH - Manage payments through our Automated Clearing House (ACH) system. Pay bills, direct deposit salary payments, dividend payments, insurance claims.
  • Foreign currency accounts – Accessibility to foreign currency for easy payment to suppliers and receipt of payments for goods and services.

Why do you need financing?

In addition to your capital injection you may require supplementary finance for:

  • Business Start Up
  • Daily Operations
  • Business Expansion
  • Sustaining Your Business
  • Managing Uncertainty

How much financing can I obtain?
For small commercial businesses we provide up to 75% financing of the cost or working capital needs. We can assist you with; purchase of machinery, equipment, acquisition of office facilities, working capital needs, purchase of property (land or land & building) for the business occupation/use, and construction or renovation of the building used in the business.

What documents do I need when I apply for financing?
  • Certificate of Registration (sole trader/partnership) or Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Continuance for Companies registered after 1995
  • Two forms of valid identification (ID card, driver's permit, passport) for each director/ account signatory
  • Notice of Registered address, directors, secretary, shareholders
  • Articles of Incorporation/Association and by laws
  • Financial Statements prepared by an accountant for 3 years (audited) and Cash flow/ projected cash flow analysis
  • Invoice/Contract/ Sale agreement (proof of request)
  • A business plan for a new business
  • All Bank and other financial institutions statements reflecting your capital (including savings and investments) and loan balances with applicable instalments.

To learn more about our commercial offering contact one of our Account Managers conveniently located at our Corporate & Commercial Credit Unit at 227-2700.

  • Plan – Prepare a Business Plan at the start of each fiscal, which should include a cash flow budget.
  • Record - A monthly cash flow should be prepared and a list of payables and receivables with the relevant time lines, daily, weekly or monthly should be maintained.
  • Review - Schedule regular meetings with your Republic Bank Account Manager to evaluate your position and prepare for any contingency within the coming year.
  • Position yourself – Who are your main customers, suppliers, competitors and what is your market share?
  • Separate Funds – Ensure there is no comingling of funds; best practice dictates that personal and business funds should be properly separated and accounted for. Funds obtained through the business must be channelled through your business accounts and NOT to your personal account.
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