Republic Income Fund

Collect income while investing
Fund Objective

The investment objective of the Republic Income Fund is to provide high income consistent with the preservation and conservation of capital.

Investment Strategy

The Income Fund primarily invests in government securities and corporate debt securities issued by companies with principal offices in Barbados and the wider Caribbean as well as high yielding stocks, whose shares are listed on the Barbados Stock Exchange and other Caribbean stock exchanges.

Who Should Invest in the Fund?

The Investment Manager is not currently accepting subscriptions to the Republic Income Fund

Price of Units The price (Net Asset Value) of the fund is calculated weekly based on the net asset value of all securities in the portfolio.

The Income Fund may pay dividends twice a year

Liquidity Redemptions are restricted to 20% of your holdings as at June 30, 2018.

Fixed Income Securities traditionally provide higher investment returns than conventional savings accounts. The Fund therefore provides you with an alternative for accessing potentially higher returns on your funds than a conventional savings account. The historic performance of the Fund and outlook of the Investment Manager, are contained in the Investment Manager’s Quarterly Newsletters which can be viewed here.

Accessibility Information on your investment may be obtained at any branch of Republic Bank as well as through RepublicOnline.
Professional Management

Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited (RBBB) is known for its reputable team of highly experienced investment professionals, who will be managing your investments for you.

Information A quarterly newsletter will be available on our website
The Investment Manager is not currently accepting subscriptions to the Republic Income Fund.
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