Republic Capital Growth Fund

Let your money grow
Fund Objective

The investment objective of the Fund is to provide investors with long-term growth through the capital appreciation of their investments.

Investment Strategy

The Capital Growth Fund invests primarily in local, regional and international equities as well as high yielding fixed income securities that are considered attractive, and which should enhance the overall return of the investment portfolio. The Fund Manager will seek to develop a diversified portfolio of equities (stocks) that will include companies with good prospects in the financial, tourism, manufacturing, distribution and services sectors.

Who Should Invest in the Fund?
  • Investors who are not adverse to the risks associated with Equity based Mutual Funds.
  • Investors who are patient and seeking a medium to long-term investment option.
  • Investors who do not require an inflow of income
  • Investors seeking to protect the purchasing power of their investment from rising inflation by obtaining potentially higher returns than traditional savings products.
  • Investors interested in buying equity securities (stocks) but who have neither the time nor the expertise to monitor the performance of stock in the different markets.
Price of Units: The price (Net Asset Value) of the fund is calculated weekly based on the net asset value of all securities in the portfolio.
Investments required: Minimum Initial Investment BDS$500; Minimum Subsequent Additions of BDS$100.
Income Income from dividends and capital gains are automatically reinvested, as the fund pays no dividends to shareholders
Liquidity If it becomes necessary, you may redeem your investment at any time.
Fee There is a sales charge of 2% on the amount being invested
Attractive Returns:

Stocks have traditionally provided higher long-term returns than traditional savings products such as fixed deposits and money market funds

Professional Management: Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited (RBBB) is known for its reputable team of highly experienced investment professionals, who will be managing your investments for you.
Diversification With a mixture of equity and fixed income securities invested in Barbados and other Caribbean markets, you benefit from the reduced risk of a diversified portfolio.
Accessibility Republic Bank's extensive branch network makes it easy for you to access your investment in the Republic Capital Growth Fund at any time. You can also use RepublicOnline to access your funds.
Flexibility Choose a payment option that is most suited to your needs: Salary Deduction, Automatic Transfer, Cash or Cheque.
Information A quarterly newsletter will be available on our website

What you will need
Before visiting our branches, ensure you have the following:
Two (2) forms of Identification
Proof of Address
Proof of Income
Capital Growth Fund Application

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